Sigmund Vik - bass player & music educator

Since 2007 I have been working full time with music. Part time I have been teaching/educating young bass players and musicians in the rytmic part of music and have been working at Kvam and Jondal municipal culture/music school. These jobs include teaching rytmic ensemble, improvisation, bass, guitar, piano, drums, teori and ear training. In addition I am an active performer and have countributed to different groups, projects and recordings.

I teach my students in a practical and clear way and recive people no matter of age, musical level and background. I have developed my own teaching technique through the years and my main goal in my teaching is : professional and personal developing, structure and coping.

The goals in my teaching is to be an inspiration source, teach creative musicality and give my students tools and knowledge so that they can achieve a greater personal joy while performing music and spread this out in the community.

One of the most important things by learning to play bass is the right way of teaching, motivational teaching and lust to play. My goals is to learn you exactly these methodes. I play many different basses, 6-strings, 5-strings, 4-strings (4-strings fretless). I have a solid repertoire within rock, pop, jazz, latin and also enjoy free improvisation. In other words I have experience in most western popular genres. In my work within music I like to mix genre, break rules and cross borders. Don`t be afraid to ask me what I can learn you. Each lesson of 60 minutes will be at my private location in the afternoon/evening.

For beginners I recommend a lesson every week, more experienced can for example take a 1 1/2 hour lesson every 14th day or after need. Contact me for further information.

Price per lesson (60min) : 400kr