Sigmund Vik - bass player & music educator

SV started at the municipal culture/music school and the local brass corps when he was 7 years old and played cornet 5 years and tuba 2 years. There he among other things learned to read notes.

When SV was 13 years he started to play eletric bass. He wanted to start when he was 12 but had a smart teacher, Arild B. Nielsen, who wanted him to play piano for 1 year and learn about chords and to read notes better. Then SV could read notes and knew about how to build up a chord before he started to play bass. Started to read teori in young age because he understood that this was important. 14 years old he joined Hardanger Bigband, led by Arild B. Nielsen.

In 1997 SV came further with his group Bastro (duo-bass and vocal) to the National Culture Contest UKM (Young Children Culture Contest) for then to come further to the Nordic Culture Contest in Reykjavik, Island. At Molde Jazz Festival 1999 SV played in the Norwegian Music School Childrens Bigband, led by saxofone player Morten Halle.

In 2000-2002 SV studied music at Nordic Institute For Scene And Studio (NISS) in Oslo. During his time in Oslo he met many interesting people in the show/music business and played with norwegian artists like Øystein Greni, Jahn Teigen, Håkon Ellingsen, Prima Vera among others. SV moved back to Kvam in 2003 after three years in Oslo and started to work as a music teacher at the municipal culture/music school in Kvam and Jondal.

In 2006 SV started a one year study at The Collective School Of Music in New York. The school is one of the prestige music universities in New York. He learned a lot this year and met many of the top musicians in the city. He studied with Lincoln Goines, Frank Gravis, Bob Quaranta, Hillard Green, Steve Count, Ian Froman, Kim Plainfield among others.

In 2007 SV came back to Norway and started to work part time at the municipal culture/music school and part time as a freelancer.

Today SV is an active bass player in the music business/environment in Bergen and member of groups like KURU, Heavy Weather Orchestra, Sherpa, Hr & Fru, Heyra, The Dmitriy Klevenskiy Trio/Quartet, Cubatropical and Kameleon Orkesteret.

SV also have his own band called ConFusion.
On March 2017 ConFusion published the first EP "On Track" at Spotify, Tidel, iTunes ect. 
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